Licensed - Bonded - Insured 

Oregon #218228 - Washington TIGHTAE844RZ

   After working several years working as a marketing rep, I was worn out and ready for a career change. The idea kept coming up to start my own small business. A Landscape Maintenance company was something I always thought about. At age twelve I had a lawn mowing route. So I said why not?

I decided I’d give it a try and off I went and bought every toy you might imagine. I started a Landscape Maintenance Business! Staying small I learned much about how to correct lawn issues. I became quite popular with my sandy loam seeded lawns. I learned sod only repeated the same issues within a few years. And growing a lawn in clay whether seed or sod most likely had bad results. Money wasted. 

   Sandy loam over clay is the perfect way for a stunning lawn that will last for years.

   Servicing lawns I noticed some were very muddy on top. I later learned it was due to very hard clay soil below the root system and the water could not percolate. I found that removing the sod and adding sandy loam on top with golf coarse seed blend worked great!!!! (or shade mix)

   Eight years ago I wanted to expand my knowledge. I had learned all I could  and sold the maintenance business. I was ready to put all that I had learned to good use learning how to excavate. 

When I bought my my first track hoe, I remembered how much I enjoyed watching track hoes excavating during my marketing career. And as a kid that was a huge thing to watch. Bigger than life as we say!

I had to self teach myself. That was difficult. I believe that has empowered me to realize that I can learn or do anything.

                                    Mark Witherite

                                    Tight Access Excavating