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Subject: Recommendation for Tight Access
From: "George Miller" <--------.com>
Date: Thu, April 10, 2014 2:36 pm
To: "Mark Witherite" <mark@tightaccess.com>

Hi Mark,
I found the pictures you sent me and will include them in a few separate e-mails because they take up some space.  Three pictures are included with this e-mail.  My recommendation follows.  I wish you all the best!

We had a drainage problem in the neighborhood association “commons area” and we enlisted Mark Witherite, Tight Access Sewer-Excavating to fix it in September, 2012.  He did an exceptional job.  His quote was very detailed with a reasonable cost; and the final bill was to the estimate.  Mark was very personable, explaining how he would go about the work, outlining various options and recommendations, reasons for and against some of them, and when he would be available to do the project.  He arrived to start the project when he said he would and worked several days in succession until it was fully completed.  Mark used a laser to make sure there would be good drainage, found the problem with the original drain pipe, (it was going up hill near the final connection!), installed a larger catch basin, clean-out areas and back-flow device, leveled and covered over the work area, and planted grass seed over the top.  The main work entailed significant excavation, installing two new drain pipes and connections and removing the old drain pipe.  There is a five year warranty, which I have no doubt Mark will honor should we have any issues.  It is now about one and a half years since the work was completed and there have been no problems, perfect drainage, and there have been more than a few times with heavy rainfall.  I highly recommend Tight Access Sewer-Excavating.

 George Miller
President, Autumn Meadows Homeowners Association
April 10, 2014 

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From: "George Miller" <-----------.com>
Date: Thu, April 10, 2014 2:42 pm
To: "Mark Witherite" <mark@tightaccess.com>

Hi Mark,

 I forgot to say in my recommendation that you’ve contacted me several times after completion to make sure it was draining OK.  I’m sorry about that!  Please feel free to add that to my recommendation if you’d like.

George Miller